Virtual Exhibitions

We can create stand alone virtual exhibition spaces, or entire ‘market places’ that enable your customers, delegates and guests to experience and explore your messaging and offering.

These spaces are an excellent solution for enabling remote access to an environment which can usually only be visited physically. Your virtual stand can still deliver the key content and essential engagement via:

  • Exploration and discovery
  • Person to person comms
  • Video and animations
  • Downloadable content (PDF’s, abstracts, posters, promotional/non-promotional material, presentations, video etc)
  • Interactive content (games, eLearning, surveys etc)

We can plug your virtual stand into a Virtual Event portal, a bespoke website, or a current website or platform – giving you the flexibility to deliver your exhibition comms as, when and where you need.

3D Rotation of your stand


360 Degree

3D walk around of your exhibition stand

2D interaction with a alternative static stand

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