Streaming & Webinars

As part of our purpose to create connections between your people, content and audiences wherever they are - we can set-up, support, manage and deliver webinars, webcasts, streaming and virtual conferences.
Streaming (live or pre-recorded, webinars and video conferencing) is an efficient way of bringing many people across the globe together to deliver a consistent message and share information, with potential audience interaction that has huge benefits for reducing your carbon footprint, travel budget and accommodation requirements.
When it’s challenging to get together in the same space, or when actual face-to-face isn’t the most effective and efficient form of communication, then streaming is often the best solution. From audiences of a few to potentially thousands – we can broadcast your message securely and hassle-free.
We can utilise either your preferred streaming platform – whether that’s Zoom, Teams, Blue Jeans, WebEx etc, or we can deliver a bespoke platform through us, or one of our trusted partners, that we can manage for you. These platforms can be hosted on existing online websites or portals, or once again we can create a bespoke secure environment that includes registration and hosting along with differing levels of attendee control and access dependent on your needs.
We can also provide additional interactivity such live voting, polling, surveys, panel discussions, downloads and Q&A’s. We can also record and host your streaming so that it can be visited and viewed at a later date.
All of this is managed and produced by our experienced teams. We have the production management expertise, design and branding skills, and technical capabilities to ensure that your communications are seamless, safe, engaging and captivating.

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Screen shots of streaming

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All panellist view
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Presenter view with list of presenters and smaller thumbs
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Presenter view with chat panel open for Q&A
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Slide presentation with all presenters in view
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Streaming Set-up & Delivery

Identify your needs
Will you broadcast live (Webinar) or will you capture for on demand viewing (Webcast)?
Who are your target audience?
Pre event communication
Event flow – keynote presentations/panel discussions/breakouts
Content & style
Audience interactivity & engagement
Security & analytics

Step 1

Identify the platform
Live, virtual or social, we’ll advise which player and platform is best suited for your needs.
Alternatively your business may have a preferred platform which we can integrate with.

Step 2

Design, Build, Test & Rehearse

  • Whether a simple player or a themed/branded environment we will create the space to engage your audience the moment they connect.
  • During the build period we will continuously test and where required work alongside your IT team.
  • Key to a successful broadcast – rehearse. We’ll allocate time to rehearse with your presenters – we will guide them through the platform and broadcast format.

Step 3

We will produce and manage your broadcast. At the end of a phone, email, message (or, eventually, in the same room) we will be present at all times to ensure that your streaming delivers the experience you need.

Step 4

Host Material
We can take all the recorded material, re-edit, package and host so that it is available for those that missed, or want to re-visit, the event. Depending on your current internal platforms, we can provide all the material to hosted there, or we can create an accessible, secure site that will contain the material, and any additional content as required.

Step 5

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